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We had a magical ceremonial week with this magical couple. We can't tell how romantic Goa was for us during that time. It was full of love, laughter, happiness, excitement and joy.


Their ecstasy were the moments worth capturing and their smiles embellished the vibes of a Goan wedding. He is honest and she is fun. He is calm and she is forever on the run. Ever heard about a match made in the heaven? It's them, it's meant to be them.


Tarini is the one who is full of doing things and Abhishek is the one who calms her down, brings her down to her normal self. Their marriage turned out to be an arranged marriage affair. Clearly, no one can match their level of crazy. 

This couple gives us major couple goals. Turns out, he is the one who makes it more simple for her to love him and she is the one who takes their relationship to a whole new level of fun. With them, we had a time which was wild and adventurous at the same time.


They both are full of lives and we had the most jubilant times with the most high spirited set of souls. It was a huge Punjabi wedding where what all the couple cared about was enjoying their own wedding and not missing a moment of madness and glee.

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