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We know how much exciting it is for lovers to have a baby who beautifully changes everything be it organized closet of the two to making room for the baby's clothes, diapers, toys and what not.


So was the excitement here for Payal and Bhavesh who have a cute little son who has been waiting for the baby more than anyone else. They spoke to us of how the work and responsibilities have been already divided and discussed among them.


We love how the couple is eagerly waiting for the whole new adventure to take place with the homecoming of the cute little infant. 

They wanted this blissful moment captured to make the baby know how much he has been loved by his family even before coming to the world.


They also did the whole thing of baby talking session in between the shoot giving us some serious insights of the whole Parenting and Pregnancy phase. Fortunate are we who got to witness these sacred moments of the sparkling family. 

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