Two best friends. Now roommates. 


Ever since they first started dating in college, Rishi & Binoli had made up their mind about each other. No questions, no bumps, no discussions. They were endgame since the beginning.

We rarely come across two peas in a pod. And when we do, our level of thrill jumps up. As Wedding Photographers, it is an added bonus if your couple has chemistry. And lucky for us, we’ve had our fair share of beautiful marriages. But then there’s a new kind we just discovered: two people - one mischief. That's Rishi & Binoli. Every frame we set, they’re up to something new. And always crazier than the last.

They push. They support. They encourage. They laugh. And they love. That's what we saw during their pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur. Rishi & Binoli don’t need anyone when they have each other. Leave them to their own, and you’ll have the most amazing footage you need. Their love is based on friendship, just like our adoration for them.