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At the brink of motherhood, Samaira came to us. With her mind full of ideas, she had a clear vision of the journey she longed to be documented. With a delightful personality, we were excited to see Samaira’s journey into motherhood.
A woman with such a zest for life - what a cool mother she’ll become. After moving from Surat to Pune, she made a great life and found a lovely partner in Rishi. We’ve been in the business for so long, but never have we come across a mother who wanted a videographic memory with her husband and baby-in-waiting.
With her imagination and our expertise, we managed to create our first Maternity Film ‘We Turn Three’ with Samaira, Rishi & their baby in the womb. 

Moments - that is what she envisioned and that is what we promised to capture. To capture those moments the new family spent waiting on the new baby and how they’re painting a new world together to welcome their child - that is the element we laid focus on evidently. We based the film on the parents-to-be and their excitement. Safe to say, they make a pair of amazing parents and a sweet couple. The film is our evidence.

Soon after, Samaira gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - Mayra Tejwani.

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