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Belonging to two different states and castes, these two madly fallen in love have been striving since too long just to be together. We loved how they openly told their story to us which was otherwise left untold to others. They happened to meet in Bhavani college in Kolkata which was a head-start to their story. 


The whole new phase of chasing and sweet talking started then and there. Bhavika felt attracted towards Abhishek the moment she saw him but she was a real introvert.


Whereas, Abhishek was the one Bhavika's father warned her about. But love knows no fear. Here, Abhishek took up all chances and finally got her for life.

From knowing just each other's name to knowing everything about each other they had the most beautiful journey of their lives. After college, the real struggle started when they went back to their towns and serious longings happened.


Meanwhile, all the real struggle of convincing families took place. Their love was surreal that the families agreed. Their love was re-lived in Kolkata where we covered their story offering them all the cherished moments.


It took too long but it happened and when it happened it was magical like any other Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Happy ending? No, their love has no ends. It was a Happy Happy Start for them.

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