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Do you take up commercial shoots?

Yes, we do take commercial shoots. Art and creativity intact with the products or services draw our interest towards the business shoots. We are actively interested in taking up commercial and business shoot.


Do you have special prices for the ones who want to have both the wedding and pre-wedding covered by your team?

Yes, we have different packages for the combination of both Pre-wedding & Wedding, which are cost-effective than the ones which include only either of the one.


What services do you provide?

We provide various services like Photography and Cinematography for Wedding, Pre-wedding, Maternity and Baby shoot. We also provide Photography and Cinematography for product and service shoot be it Interior, Fashion, Food and Commercial events.


Do you offer Same day Wedding edits?

Yes, we do offer Same Day Edits. It offers an impactful appealing journey of the wedding from the beginning. 


Is it okay, if we hire another team along with Canonboy Productions?

We prefer working alone as we a have big team who have proper understanding and co-ordination about their perspectives and placements and having another team on board would lead to a good crowd of photographers at a spot disturbing the moment and the audience also leading to hindrances to both the teams.


Do you travel?

Yes, we do travel. In fact, we love traveling and exploring places.


How long does it take before we receive our photos and films?

Your photographs get ready in 10-15 days after the event coverage. Wedding Films are something which shows best of the moments which are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. We try our best to depict the wedding mood through the films which are processed within 3 months after the wedding.  We also provide an online gallery of your photos which can be easily shared and accessed over phones.


Do you provide raw photographs?

We understand that people love collecting each and every photograph for remembrance whether it is raw or processed. But raw photographs are taken in a particular format so that it can be edited so we prefer not sharing the raw files as already all the selected photos are processed and delivered.

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