Wedding, Surat

8th May, 2021

Amidst the second wave of Covid, with a partial lockdown imposed, Pooja & Nandish couldn't visualize their big special day anymore! This was an arranged match - not just Nandish & Pooja. But us and them! Their friends brought us together and set the whole thing up. And we took it from there. Wedding themes, decor designs and the whole works only to make their intimate wedding all the more exceptional. Even in testing times like Covid-19, your wedding day still remains one to be remembered for years, right?



Wedding, Rajkot 

25th November, 2020

"Arrange Marriages aren't ones for storytelling". And here we have yet another love story, so arranged, it'll move you to tears. 

'Have you tried anything remotely illegal?', Hemali asked outright within the first few minutes of meeting him. Mitul couldn't avoid the hilarity of the situation and burst out laughing. That's when they realized that it was going to be an interesting match. 



Wedding, Avadh Utopia Surat

12th December, 2019

Two best friends. Now roommates. 

Ever since they first started dating in college, Rishi & Binoli had made up their mind about each other. No questions, no bumps, no discussions. They were endgame since the beginning. We rarely come across two peas in a pod. And when we do, our level of thrill jumps up. As Wedding Photographers, it is an added bonus if your couple has chemistry. And lucky for us, we’ve had our fair share of beautiful marriages. 



Wedding, Avadh Utopia Surat

7th December, 2019

It is time to retell our favourite story!
Almost a decade back,Two national level lawn tennis players met on opposite sides of the court. Hesitant to move their ‘association’ forward, Ayushi & Siddharth set on an unpaved path. Who knew even with their different lives going on in different cities, they would build their own road to walk on.. #DoublesForLife as they would become. It took awhile before their love was green signal’ed.

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Wedding, Avadh Utopia Surat

4th February, 2020

‘Love thy neighbour’, the Bible says. Smeet & Anmol are the literal example of falling in love with their next door neighbour. Their story is one that called for a coffee and a long long conversation. And so we served. So the story is set in their childhood. That is when they met, as new neighbours - forced by their parents to play together. Initially hesitant, they hit it off. Growing up together, the spark never once faded. Somewhere  ‘Maybe he’s more than just a nice neighbour,’ was a lingering thought. And so it began.

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Wedding, The Ananta Udaipur

9th January, 2020

A love so pure, you can see it in their eyes. It is for stories like Pooja & Parth’s, that we feel eternally grateful to be doing what we do. Capturing love, beyond everything. Before we even met, Pooja had her heart set on us covering her wedding at The Ananta, Udaipur on a freezing January weekend. Parth, being the doting husband that he is, happily came on board. Ever since our first meeting, we knew something was different about this couple. Their story sounds like a classic meet-cute ending in marriage.



Maternity Shoot, Pune

18th June, 2019

At the brink of motherhood, Samaira came to us. With her mind full of ideas, she had a clear vision of the journey she longed to be documented. With a delightful personality, we were excited to see Samaira’s journey into motherhood. A woman with such a zest for life - what a cool mother she’ll become. After moving from Surat to Pune, she made a great life and found a lovely partner in Rishi. We’ve been in the business for so long, but never have we come across a mother who wanted a videographic memory with her husband and baby-in-waiting.



Wedding, Delhi

29th June, 2018

Belonging to two different states and castes, these two madly fallen in love have been striving since too long just to be together. We loved how they openly told their story to us which was otherwise left untold to others. They happened to meet in Bhavani college in Kolkata which was a start to their story. The whole new phase of chasing and sweet talking started then and there. Bhavika felt attracted towards Abhishek the moment she saw him but she was a real introvert.



Wedding, Jaipur

2nd July, 2018

We know Prateek for more than a year. He came up to us with the great news of he getting married to Shubhangi who was from Kolkata. We took up the work of covering the story of the two with the same profession who happened to meet each other a year ago. It was an arrange Set-up Meet and Greet where they got a chance to know each other. Back in their minds, they knew they were connecting and everything felt right. What next?



Wedding, Valsad

1st May, 2018

We love the idea of how in no time friends turn into our clients putting all the trust in us. Sonu is one such friend of Mohit. Pooja is from Bhilwara. Their story was a tragic one where both the sides did not agree at the same time about the idea of they marrying each other. Sonu kept Pooja waiting for the answer and it took him almost one year to decide on to marry her. Meanwhile, there was so much chaos and confusion due to the delay which made them question their decisions.



Wedding, Goa

4th December, 2017

We had a magical ceremonial week with this magical couple. We can't tell how romantic Goa was for us during that time. It was full of love, laughter, happiness, excitement, and joy. Their ecstasy were the moments worth capturing and their smiles embellished the vibes of a Goan wedding. He is honest and she is fun. He is calm and she is forever on the run. Ever heard about a match made in the heaven? It's them, it's meant to be them.



Maternity shoot, Surat

8th July, 2018

We know how much exciting it is for lovers to have a baby who beautifully changes everything be it organized closet of the two to making room for the baby's clothes, diapers, toys and what not. So was the excitement here for Payal and Bhavesh who have a cute little son who has been waiting for the baby more than anyone else. They spoke to us of how the work and responsibilities have been already divided and discussed among them.



Baby progression shoot, Surat

19th July, 2018

Vihaan is the blessed baby who added light to the family. He is an apple to the eye to his Dadu- Dadi, and Nanu - Nani. We have seen the whole phase of the baby turning into a toddler. From his very first movement and kicking to crawling and walking, from listening him babbling and crying to listening him trying to talk we have been there collecting all the little moments of this Glory child.

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Maternity shoot, Surat

3rd April, 2019

When the Baby Bump's back, it gets along all the excitement, surprises, decisions and confusions with it! We could see it in their eyes, and we wanted to put that out exactly through our lens. This was Neha and Mehul's second time, where they were all geared up to relive their parenthood, with their little lad by their side.  The little boy was so shy that we all turned the environment into a fun zone and we had a great time capturing the happy family, making heads turn.

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Wedding, Surat

19th July, 2018

The idea of perfection is far from reality but we haven’t come across anything so surreal at every step of the story. Ridhi & Harsh were that idealistic couple for us, from their intimate wedding affairs to their passionate way of doing it, their alliance was simple, sweet and spunky at the same time. Breaking the stereotypical ceremonies, the couple made it through a court marriage, happening spinster’s, a private Mehendi with lots of hookah-ing around and a grand wedding reception.

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Wedding, Surat

23rd November, 2018

It’s a fairytale directly out of destiny. We have always appreciated the concept of love at first sight and why not! But its even more beautiful when things get real, love gets real. Fate overplayed and Supriya & Devang met each other again, after 7 years, conquering their individual struggles. Sharing similar interests and life story, they took the vows and embarked on their journey of togetherness.

Canonboy Productions 51.jpg


Baby's Cake Smash, Surat

17th January, 2019

This party was naturally house - full!

In our three year journey, we never thought we would somehow end up with a baby and a dog in the same room! Our main and one and only Mohit is terrified of dogs but our loving baby Viraansh and his ‘blogger’ mommy, which came to us as a surprise made the shoot really exciting, comfortable and fun. Our cute pet Waffle as well was super candid and a born poser indeed.

Canonboy Productions 94.jpg


Wedding, TGB Palace Indore

19th December, 2018

A fusion of fun, Sass & Energetic with Posh, Charm & Romantic, the union of Sumit & Veena was definitely one for the books. Their wedding was definitely the most fun & happening events we had shot. From Sumit’s mother’s jaw-dropping dance moves to Veena’s detailed customized accessories made her the coolest bride ever. And leave it all to Sumit when it comes to style & sophistication, his uber-cool outfits to the beautiful fascinating location, it was just all things right!