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Mohit Chopra

- founder

I am a man with many passions. Passions for music, photography, life, and traveling. Photography was my main such passion which eventually turned into my career. It was something I could do every day and could never get tired of. Apart from this, I like to connect with emotions and stories which apparently, brought me into covering the greatest emotions of all time- the wedding, engagement session, maternity phase and the journey of the little ones. 

These are the moments I feel must be preserved in the treasure box of memories of the people living them. Taking my passion forward, I took little steps which brought Canonboy  Productions into existence. I did start it alone but now what I have is a beautiful team who strives to offer our clients the best of their memories. 

Talking about the team, it is a big crazy bunch of people who are full of life. We take quality very seriously and have a heart for creativity and new ideas. We never settle for anything less when it comes to creativity. Now you may know how serious we are about it. Also not to forget, we love to travel and it is something which greatly interests us. On the other side, we are always open to new propositions. So we have recently started working with businesses who look forward to have product or service photo shoot.

 I am blessed to have my lovely family and friends who are always by my side and are so supportive towards my profession and personal life. Also, to mention I have a second big lovely family of clients with whom we had the most memorable and remarkable journey of our lives.

Furthermore, I am blessed to have such an enthusiastic team that will do everything it takes to get the best. It is not the money that drives us to do what we do but the smiles and contentment of the lovely people that keeps us going. Together, we do what we can to provide our people with only the very best.

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