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It is time to retell our favourite story!

Almost a decade back,Two national level lawn tennis players met on opposite sides of the court. Hesitant to move their ‘association’ forward, Ayushi & Siddharth set on an unpaved path. Who knew even with their different lives going on in different cities, they would build their own road to walk on.. #DoublesForLife as they would become.

It took awhile before their love was green signal’ed. With a fundamental culture shocks between Marwadis and Gujaratis, Ravals and Mahansarias also took a while before they could see eye to eye about their dear Raja and Cherry’s love story.Their cupid was her guardian angle - her brother Aditya. We've never come across three people who share such a selfless love.

‘Not an easy feat’, as Ayushi herself would agree, wooing and keeping her wooed was a herculean task - one that Siddharth pulled off without a crease. ‘He has been patient through all of these years .. which is why we are getting married today!’ - her words we have recorded and kept to replay on their 25th anniversary.