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Picture this: crowded school corridors, a cheeky Ashit always on the lookout for that one chance to playfully tease Sakshi. Behind every nudge, every little joke was his little way of saying, "Hey, notice me!" For years, amidst the cacophony of school bells and laughter, Ashit wore his heart on his sleeve, always making sure Sakshi was okay, always there, like a silent guardian.

Then came college, a fresh chapter, and a twist. Sakshi, amidst the new experiences and lessons, finally saw the tenderness in Ashit's years of playful teasing. With a heartfelt "yes", they moved from just sharing class notes to sharing dreams. Their love story, once scribbled in the margins of school books, was now a tale everyone wanted to hear.

Fast forward to the dreamy landscapes of Kashmir, where each gust of wind whispered tales of their innocent teases and heartfelt promises. Amidst the majestic valleys and serene lakes, we tried to encapsulate the profound emotion they shared. Every frame wasn't just a photograph; it was a heartbeat, a memory, a silent tear, or a shared laugh.

Ashit and Sakshi's love story came alive. Every frame captured the depth of their affection, the sincerity of their smiles, and the profound bond they share. It wasn't just a photoshoot; it was a journey through their hearts.

As their love unfolded in front of our lenses, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Grateful to bear witness to the evolution of a love that began with schoolyard teases and blossomed into something truly extraordinary.

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