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In the vast expanse of the digital age, a single message in 2016 brought together two souls, Samarth and Muskaan. College days for her, school memories for him, yet their bond over FaceTime was unparalleled. For six years, they thrived as best friends, finding love in the spaces between their laughter and shared tales.

At Nescafé, where they first met face-to-face, a spark was undeniable. This connection, nurtured by time, saw them transitioning seamlessly from friends to soulmates. As Shah Rukh Khan wisely said, “Pyaar Dosti hai," and their love story stood as a living testament.

Today, as they stand on the brink of a lifelong journey, set against the backdrop of a stunning Goan villa, we are reminded of the magic that blossoms when friendship turns to love. For in their story, we find hope, dreams, and the promise of forever.

Amidst the serenity of the Goan villa, every moment shared between Samarth and Muskan was a dance of love and intimacy. Their pre-wedding events were a harmonious blend of modern tales and timeless romance, with every gaze and laughter echoing their unique journey.

Much like their millennial love story that blossomed from a simple DM, their pre-wedding celebrations were both heartfelt and lively. It wasn't merely an event but a heartfelt chronicle of two souls intertwining. While our words can only sketch so much, the pictures and videos will let you step into their enchanting world, feeling the warmth of their love and the joy of their journey.

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