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"Arrange Marriages aren't ones for storytelling". And here we have yet another love story, so arranged, it'll move you to tears. 

'Have you tried anything remotely illegal?', Hemali asked outright within the first few minutes of meeting him. Mitul couldn't avoid the hilarity of the situation and burst out laughing. That's when they realized that it was going to be an interesting match. 

Mitul is an uninhibited emotional one. Passionate for all that there is, he isn't afraid to shed a tear when overwhelmed. Sophisticated and calm on the outside, Mitul is a box of fun on the inside. His cool and collected demeanor strikes a balance with Hemali. A baker by profession, she's a sweet treat to the heart as well. Always curious, Hemali has the most invigorating things to say. Most of them will crack you up before you can answer. 

They're a delight together. Added right to our list of friends, a calm Mitul and sweet Hemali can bring the world down if they put their mind to it. They're a duo constantly bringing out the crazy in each other, and our camera happily agrees. 

They got married in Rajkot in the corona season of 2020. But not even the worldwide pandemic could bring their spirits down. Aren't the photographs evidence enough? 

With Mitul and Hemali, we understand that sometimes all it takes is the right person to walk in and ask an altogether weird question to keep you laughing all life long. 

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