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Amidst the second wave of Covid, with a partial lockdown imposed, Pooja & Nandish couldn't visualize their big special day anymore! This was an arranged match - not just Nandish & Pooja. But us and them! Their friends brought us together and set the whole thing up. And we took it from there. Wedding themes, decor designs and the whole works only to make their intimate wedding all the more exceptional. Even in testing times like Covid-19, your wedding day still remains one to be remembered for years, right? No way we'd let it be anything less than magical. 

So we got down to work. An intimate wedding in Surat - okay! Guests? 30-40! Location - small to accommodate guests but also big enough for a wedding. Decor designs? Done and done! The Haus played the perfect host to Nandish & Pooja's big day. We'd like to believe that even a covid-less wedding day wouldn't come out to look so special. 

Their smiles- so warm, surrounded only by family and friends, Nandish & Pooja were ready to begin their lives together. 

The wedding photographs don't account for the chaos surrounding their wedding. But we're sure Nandish & Pooja will add it to their storyline while their kids and grandkids scroll through these pictures.

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