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A love so pure, you can see it in their eyes. It is for stories like Pooja & Parth’s, that we feel eternally grateful to be doing what we do. Capturing love, beyond everything.

Before we even met, Pooja had her heart set on us covering her wedding at The Ananta, Udaipur on a freezing January weekend. Parth, being the doting husband that he is, happily came on board. Ever since our first meeting, we knew something was different about this couple. Their story sounds like a classic meet-cute ending in marriage. But it was never as ordinary for these two.

During their Pre-Wedding Shoot in Goa, we unearthed a few more layers to their ecstatic relationship. It was love, love and more love - the kind we had never seen. Details from our tell-all remained sealed in those rooms bound by our friendship, but what we can share is that Pooja & Parth’s story taught us about the magnetic force that is love. It left us with a clear perspective of committing to the person you’re crazy about. It also means that you accept them with all their vices and virtues - all of it. It taught us about putting your partner’s needs before you, and trusting blindly that they would do the same.

“He does so much everyone - his family, friends and siblings. He spoils everyone. He makes sure everyone is taken care of and happily so. Someone needs to spoil him too, na?”, says a melting Pooja.