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We know Prateek for more than a year. He came up to us with the great news of he getting married to Shubhangi who was from Kolkata. We took up the work of covering the story of the two with the same profession who happened to meet each other a year ago.


It was an arrange Set-up Meet and Greet where they got a chance to know each other. Back in their minds, they knew they were connecting and everything felt right. What next? It was a yes from both the ends. The whole new time of talking and tuning started over phone calls and video calls which lasted for hours and hours.


Perhaps, distance had never been a factor for them, because what they had was a telepathy connection. Their love is a fun kind of love. They longed for an adventurous crazy trip where they could just be themselves and do their things which made us come with an idea of going to the Meghalaya, where they were like sunshine adding charms all around. 

All the love came naturally to this carefree couple and we hardly told them to pose because they were into their own real thing which definitely beat everything. A month later they had a grand wedding in Jaipur where they never missed a chance to be together, be it any small or little moments.


They perfectly complimented each other throughout. It is a forever fun kind of love what they have. It's great to have such a fun couple whose heart is full of adventure and love. Together they are an adventure all by themselves.

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