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It all goes back to a wedding. Boy met girl, and they talked. And they fell in love. And then comes 'Happily ever after'! 


Such is the story of Saurabh & Garima. But real time love stories don't come so simple any more. 


And so the story goes.. An aspiring medical student then, Garima wanted to pursue her career as a doctor. But Saurabh is an entrepreneur in Raipur. To make their career paths match geographically was a bit of a challenge. But as luck would have it, Garima soon got placed in a hospital located in Raipur! Talk about bending luck in your favour. 


Fastforward to a beautiful wedding at the majestic NoorMahal to mark this epic celebration. A couple so sweet truly deserves a beginning cheered on by loved ones! 

And that's all exactly how it went! A mini-party going on in each corner, every event bigger than the last and surprisingly, the energy just didn't run low.