‘Love thy neighbour’, the Bible says. Smeet & Anmol are the literal example of falling in love with their next door neighbour. Their story is one that called for a coffee and a long long conversation. And so we served.

So the story is set in their childhood. That is when they met, as new neighbours - forced by their parents to play together. Initially hesitant, they hit it off. Growing up together, the spark never once faded. Somewhere  ‘Maybe he’s more than just a nice neighbour,’ was a lingering thought. And so it began.

They had been dating for more than a decade before they decided to get married in February, 2020. Our first instinctive question remained ‘You’ve seen each other change, evolve and become your own person through teenage, adolescence and adulthood. How has the dynamic of your relationship remained stable?’.

‘With adulting came busy lives, but even on our busiest days we can’t go without meeting each other even for 10 minutes. But we need to meet everyday - just to reconnect or just to be in the presence of one another.’ That blew us. 10 years later, to still crave for the other one’s company is a delightful habit.


She’s a carefree bird, and he is busy keeping the scales balanced. An introvert Smeet went on to become a popular entrepreneur while the extrovert Anmol went on to become a Sports Physiotherapist. Better known as Dr. Anmol, she brings out the crazy in him - as the pictures can justify. It is safe to say, his madness is reserved for her.

For their Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot, they insisted on the theme being them - literally. Their habits, moods and history. We were extremely enticed by this idea and decided to keep the shoot natural and relatable for the future Mr. and Mrs. Shah.

Can you relate?