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We love the idea of how in no time friends turn into our clients who put so much trust in us. Sonu is one such friend of Mohit. Pooja is from Bhilwara. Their story was a tragic one where both the sides did not agree at the same time about the whole idea of they marrying each other.


Sonu kept Pooja waiting for the answer and it took him almost one year to decide on to marry her. Meanwhile, there was so much chaos and confusion due to the delay which made them question their decisions.


Fortunately, love and destiny worked quite well for them and brought them together forever. Together now they are a set of crazy who got luckier when they got each other. They were one such couple who made it seem so effortless carrying ethnic outfits to the Manali hills which made us bring out the best of them. 

It was in her, he found his home to peace. They have a love like no other. From Engagement session in Manali to the Wedding in Valsad we had the most beautiful journey assembling all the big and small moments of the Happy Go couple who found their happy world in each other.


They happened, it was nothing less than a magic to us. It was a journey where chaos turned into muse and togetherness. 

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